How to Edit the Slides of an Accessible Project

Once you've defined the structure of your project, you can start editing your content in the slide editor.

In this category of our Help Centre, you will find everything you need to know to get the most out of the isEazy Author slide editor.

While many accessible features will automatically comply with WCAG accessibility criteria and requirements, some editing points will require your attention. Don't worry; we'll provide contextual help to improve the accessibility of your course.

How to Edit Accessible Interactive Elements

We have detailed the Accessible mode configuration features of each element in its own help article.

If you want to learn more about each of the interactive elements that are already accessible and how to edit them, please follow the links below:

This list is constantly updated, allowing you to see all the interactives that are already accessible in IsEazy Author.

Text, Image, Image & Text, Gallery, Card, Link, Embed, Download, Video, Audio, ABC Exercise, Fill in the blanks Exercise, Sort Exercise, Arrange Exercise, Trivia Game, Swipe Game, Alphabet Game, Memory Game, Words Game, Hot Spots, Percentage, Graphic, Infographics, Linked scenes.

Remember that if this is your first project with isEazy Author, you can learn more about how to edit your slides in this article.

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