Editing slides of an accessible project

Editing slides of an accessible project

Once you have defined the structure of your project, you may start editing your content in the slide editor.

Many accessibility features will automatically meet the accessibility guidelines and requirements but there are some editing you will have to do that will need your attention. Don’t worry, you will have contextual aids to improve the accessibility of your content.

 Editing accessible interactive elements.

You will find below all the currently accessible interactive elements. These are just part of our first release.

  • Text

    • With the usual toolbar you will be able to select headers for your texts: H2, H3 and H4. Bear in mind that H1 will only apply to the course Name or the course sections.

  • Image and Image & Text

    • Add an alternative description to your image unless it is just decorative. Remember it must be specific and non-repetitive. You may also add a long description when you consider it to be relevant.