Alternative texts and long descriptions

The Alt Text

Alternative text, also known as the Alt Text attribute in HTML, is a concise description of your image. It serves to convey key information provided by each image, allowing it to be perceived and understood by people with different needs and disabilities.

For visually impaired individuals, these texts can be heard (if screen readers are available) or transferred to a Braille terminal.

Remember that the importance of images in an online course extends beyond aesthetics and design to a more attractive presentation. They can facilitate the understanding of the content offered by providing new information.

Consider whether the images you add at each point are informative and require an alternative text or if they are merely decorative and, therefore, do not need to be included. It is not a mandatory field; you can leave it blank if the image does not provide information. In each case, we will remind you of the possibility to add the alternative text.

To properly distinguish whether your image is informative or decorative, you can refer to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG): WCAG Guidelines.

The Long Description

This is a long and detailed description of a complex image, used in cases where alternative text is not sufficient.

The description should help with the understanding of the information provided by the image, especially for people with learning difficulties or limited vision. They will hear this text if they access it using a screen reader or read it if they use a Braille terminal.

How to Add Alternative Text with isEazy Author

When you have set the accessible mode for your project in "Project Settings," you will see a series of new fields where you can add the alternative text with the following associated symbol:

We will remind you in each case that there is the possibility to add alternative text with the following prompt:

"Content images should have an alternative description. You can dismiss this alert and leave the field blank for decorative images."

If you add it, instead, you will see the following message: "All right! Your content is more accessible now".

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