Project configuration

On this screen you can edit the basic details of the project and visual appearance of the course. 


The name enables you to identify the project in the list of projects and, also, it will be shown as the title on the course’s cover and as the heading in the table of contents. You can modify the name of your project directly by clicking on the title or by clicking on the side button. This edition is also available in the Structure Editor, Distribution and Removal view.

Cover Image

Like the name, the cover image has a double function; first it lets you identify the project in the list of projects, and second, for classic courses it acts as a cover for the course and as a heading in the table of contents.

We recommend you use a purely decorative image with no text. Bear in mind that there are many different device sizes, and your course image may be cropped.

To select the course image, click on the camera button found in the bottom left-hand part of the image field.

Once the course image has been established you can remove it with the trash button, which is to the right of the element, or replace it with another image by clicking on the camera button again. 

Cover mode

You can choose the cover mode that best suits the objective of your course. There are three modes: Classic, No cover and Side panel.

For express courses this element of the course will not be configurable, since in this format the content is shown directly without a cover.


For users with a ROFESSIONAL or BUSINESS plan, there is the possibility of including a customizable logo in the course header. To add it, it is necessary to upload an image, preferably transparent, with dimensions of 100px width and 50px height, at most.
For users with FREE account the isEazy logo will appear and it will not be configurable.

For express courses this element of the course will not be configurable, since it won’t be visible to the user.

Product personalization

You have two different styles to personalize your course:.

  • Color: Indicate a color and we will personalize the color palette based on your preferences. The interface of your course will be personalized with a range of colors from what you have chosen without having to worry about a thing. Easy, right?

  • Image: With this customization option, we show the image you select as a background for the course. The other elements in the interface will have neutral tones to ensure all the text is legible and to give your background image the spotlight.

Course language

There is the option to export your course in different languages. The language you select in this configuration will be used for elements of the course interface, such as buttons and instructions. You can export in Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Lithuanian, Finnish, Thai, Russian and Valencian.

Course navigation

The navigation mode will indicate the student the  order we want it to be read and the obligatory nature of the elements that are inside the slide. For more details, see the specific article.

For express courses the type of browsing is not configurable. By default it will be free vertical browsing.

Content Font

You can choose the typeface you prefer for titles and text. You can see how in the fonts section.

End notice

You have the option to show an end alert to your users when they have completed 100% of the course. To configure it, activate the button in the project tab and indicate the text you want to be displayed in that window.

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