Project palette

Working with colors on IsEazy is very simple. We offer some selected color and gradient samples so that your content is more attractive. 

Also, you can add your own color and gradients to the palette and use them wherever you want. Each project has their personalized palette, so each course can have their own style if you wish. 

To configure the palette, check on the button in the top right part of the personalized colors or gradients block. Changes made to the palette do not affect the content you have created with these colors/gradients (if you change a color or gradient on the palette the content you created will remain with the initial color/gradient).

n the setting popup you can make the following actions:

  • Add color/gradient: Simply select an empty place on the palette and choose the color/gradient with the controls below or by entering a hexadecimal value in the text field. 
  • Remove color/gradient: If you want to stop using a custom color/gradient select it and click on the delete button.
  • Edit color/gradient: Select the item of the palette you want to edit and assign a new color/gradient to it using the controls below or by entering a hexadecimal value. 

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