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Working with colors on IsEazy Author is very simple. Every template has its own palette which you may customize thanks to Smart Colors. Moreover, you can create your own colors if you want to use them in specific content. 

Color palette

To configure the palette, check on the button in the top right part of the customized colors or gradients block. Changes made to the palette do not affect the content you have created with these colors/gradients (if you change color or gradient on the palette the content you created will remain with the initial color).

There are 2 kinds of colors available for you:

  • Customized: They are planned for you to be able to unleash your creativity and add complementary colors of your own to each style. 

To add your colors, click on the upper right corner wheel of the colors panel or customized gradients. Take into account that those colors won’t be Smart, this is, they won’t automatically update if you modify them. The changes you apply to the palette won’t affect the content you may have created with those colors. In other words, if you change a color in the palette, the previously created content will remain with its initial color or gradient.

In the setting pop-up you can make the following actions:

  • Add color: Simply select an empty place on the palette and choose the color with the controls below or by entering a hexadecimal value in the text field. 
  • Remove color: If you want to stop using a custom color select it and click on the delete button.
  • Edit color: Select the item of the palette you want to edit and assign a new color to it using the controls below or by entering a hexadecimal value. 
  • Template colors: Template Colors display the full range of colors that have been used to design your project's style template. When creating or editing new elements on your slides, it is a great idea to have these colors as references to maintain consistency in their design. In addition, these colors have an additional advantage over custom colors: they are Smart Colors, so if you decide to change the color palette you are using, all the elements in which you applied the color will change along with your palette.

To find out where you should apply each color to your new elements, you can see an indication of its suggested use by hovering over each color.

Also, if you have a Business account, you can customize the color palettes of your course however you want.

Gradient palettes

Apart from plain colors, in many elements of isEazy Author you can use gradients. That adds an extra color dimension to your courses.

As in colors, there are two gradient possibilities:

  • Custom gradients: They are planned for you to be able to create your own gradients complementary to your style. Just like with customized colors, these gradients are not Smart, meaning that if you edit a previously used gradient, it won’t adjust automatically.

The setting pop-up allows you to:

  • Add gradients: just select an empty position and choose the gradient by matching it to a color. 
  • Delete gradients: if you want to stop using a customized gradient, select it and click on delete.
  • Edit gradients: select the element you wish to edit and assign new values.

  • Template gradients: if you are using a template that includes gradients, you can see that they are available for you to apply them in your own elements. Just like the template colors, these gradients are Smart; therefore, if you choose to change your project color palette, all those gradients will adjust to it in your slides. 

If you wish to know where you should apply every gradient in your new elements you can see a suggestion as you go over each gradient with your mouse.

  • Gradient samples: If the template you are using does not include gradients, you will be shown a series of generic samples you may use in your elements, nevertheless, we do not recommend that to avoid breaking the visual coherence of the design of the template. 

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