Smart Colors

Smart Colors will help you use color and customize courses more simply.

All of the elements in our templates rely on Smart Colors so much so that when a change in the color palette is made, they will adapt automatically. You won’t have to worry about it. 

How can I use Smart Colors?

As you can see in the article about how to Create a project, when you select a template you may choose the color palette that you like the most as well.  Besides, if you have a Business or Enterprise account, you may create your own palettes.

This way, every time you want to add a new slide to your template, you will see that your selected colors are applied. You just have to edit your content and enjoy our ready-to-use designs.

Moreover, when creating new elements or slides, you will notice that the same color palette as in the template is available:

Each color has a name and a description to help you choose the best option for every element to keep coherence with the template design.

Changing colors

Smart Colors' greatest advantage is that you may combine them anytime and all of your contents will adapt to those new colors, just like that.

You may change the color palette from a variety of places:

  • In the add slide panel as well. Also, you will see the end result on all of the slides of the catalog right away. 

  • In any of the color configuration panels of the elements of your slides. You will see live how the new colors are applied too.

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