How to create and edit accessible projects with isEazy Author (Beta)

You may want to create accessible projects from scratch or transform existing ones into accessible projects. Either way, in this article we are going to guide you on how to create accessible projects with isEazy Author step by step.

Project configuration

Accessible mode

Select a previously created course from your project list or create a new project. Then it is time to select the accessible mode.

If this is your first project with isEazy Author, learn how to create it here.

Course Image

All the images you add in the course will allow you to add an alternative description or ALT Text. Thus, screen readers will correctly interpret them for your audience to access all relevant information including that depicted with images.  The ALT Text is not a mandatory field to be filled in, it can be left blank if the image is merely decorative and has no relevance whatsoever.


If you add your organization’s logotype, you will also have the chance to add ALT Text to it.


You don't have to worry about your color palette, we will make sure to automatically transform the colors you use to meet the contrast requirements.

Background image

An automatic filter will be applied to the published project, it will be veiled. You may see this in the Preview.

Content font

Select the font you want for your content. This will not be a concern for you. In accessible mode, isEazy Author uses a font for your accessible course that meets accessibility requirements automatically.

Learn more about your Project Configuration here.

Preview and distribution of an accessible project

If you wish to try your accessible course with a screen reader, we suggest you publish it with the Share by link option. You may learn further about all the distribution options in this article of our Help Center: Project distribution.

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