Create your first project with isEazy Author

In this article we are going to guide you on how to create an e-learning course with isEazy Author step by step.

1. Sign up for isEazy Author

On the isEazy website, in addition to finding all the useful information about the platform, you can register using the button you can see below.

You will only have to enter your access data (never your credit card) and you will be signing up with a FREE account. With this type of license you can try isEazy Author for free for as long as you want, but with some limitations.

After verifying your email account with the email that we will send to you (remember to look in the SPAM folder if you do not receive it) once you are inside the platform, you can start creating your first projects.

2. What will you see after registering?

When you are inside isEazy Author you will see your List of projects, which is the environment where you are going to start working. You will also see the options of your profile and account administration where you can carry out various procedures such as checking your storage space or changing the language of the platform, among other things.

In this article you can learn further about the List of projects.

Here you will be able to create your projects, put them in folders if you have a Business license, search for your work and organize them at your best convenience.

3. Choose what type of course you want to create

Creating projects in isEazy Author is very easy. You will only have to click on the new project button .

If you want to convert a Power Point into an interactive course, see in this article how easy it is to import it.

You will then have the option to choose whether you want to create a Classic course or an Express course.

Classic courses are designed for longer content, over 20 slides. They have a classic navigation mode through slides and a table of contents. 

In contrast, Express courses are designed for shorter and more agile content. This type is very useful for projects of microlearning, you can use a maximum of 20 slides and the navigation will be vertical, webpage type. 

In this blog post you can learn more about when to choose each type of course and this article of the Help Center will show you everything there is to know about how to create a project. 

4. Choose the template you prefer

At isEazy Author we are constantly developing style templates so you don't have to worry about design issues.

Thus, when you choose a template, it will be associated with your project and when you add new slides they will all follow the same style. Note that some of them will only be available for advanced licenses. In this article we tell you in detail what these templates are for.

5. Select the colors of your project

After selecting your project template, you can select the colors. Our designers have created a series of palettes for you to use in each template. You can try to find the color combination that best suits the content of your course.

If you want to see in more detail how the colors are applied to each slide, you just have to click on one of them to expand the content.

We also offer to you the possibility to customize this template with your colors, but remember that this option to customize the palette is only available in the Business and Enterprise plans.

6. Structure of your project

Once you have selected your template, you are all set to start working on your project. 

The first thing you can do is define the name of your course and the initial structure you want it to have. In Classic courses you can add as many sections and subsections as you want, and if you want to make changes in the order and in the names you will be able to do it without problems and in a very simple way.

In this article of our Help Center you can find all the information you need to have in relation to the structure of the projects.

7. Editing slides

Once you have more or less defined the structure of your project, you may start editing your content in the slide editor. 

As you add slides, you will realize that these will follow the style of the template you chose at the beginning.  

You can choose the one you like the most or the one that best suits the content you want to include at all times. You can also choose a blank slide and customize it to your liking with the interactive elements that adapt to your content. There are tons of layout options that you can apply to your blank slide categorized by number of cells. You have options of up to 10 cells. 

The isEazy editor is WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) type, which means that you are going to see the changes you make in real time, that is, as you fill in the slides. 

As you make these changes in your project, you will see at the top of the editor that they are automatically saved so you don't have to worry about anything.  

In that same space, you will also find the Preview option, which allows you to see how your courses will be displayed on different devices and positions.

Keep in mind that some of the interactive elements can only be viewed in this option since the editor could not reproduce their options to the maximum. 

Finally, you will also find a quick search engine in our Help Center. If you do not find what you are looking for, you may always contact us.

In this category of our Help Center, you will find everything you need to know to get the most out of the isEazy Author slide editor.

8. Distribution of your project

Once you have finished editing your project, it is time to distribute it. There are five options: distribute it with isEazy Go, as a link (for social media), as a SCORM package, as a .zip file (so that you can integrate it into your website or intranet), and as a pdf.

You may read further on each one this article from the Help Center.

As you can see, creating content in isEazy Author is very simple. Feeling like creating your first project already?

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