Creating a project from PowerPoint (beta)

With isEazy Author, you can import your Power Point to create a new interactive course, with just one click. Allowing you to easily monetize all the content you already have documented in presentation format. 

All your PowerPoint slides will be imported as image elements, which you can complement by adding voiceovers, videos, games, exercises and all the other elements that isEazy Author offers to enrich the experience. 

You can also create an evaluation and publish the course as a SCORM, which will be tracked like any other course.

In this article we show you step by step how to import a PowerPoint file.

Go to the List of projects

Click on the ppt upload icon

Select the file on your computer

You will be able to choose files in ppt, pptx, pps and ppsx format, not exceeding 100Mb.

Select the type of course you want to create:

Choose the template and its colour palette.

This template will be used if you want to add new slides to your project.

And that's it!

When the import process is finished, your course will appear in the list of projects.

You can read more in our help articles: First Steps with isEazy Author


  • The text content of your Power Point slides will be added to your course as a description of the images, for easy accessibility and for content creation using Artificial Intelligence.
  • As in all the translation options, in isEazy Author courses, the system will translate the texts of the project (not the images). Note that in the case of a course created from a Power Point, the texts added as description of the images (in the Accessibility area) will be translated, but no changes will be made to the slides that have been transformed into images.
  • If you select the Express course, remember that you cannot have more than 20 slides. If your Power Point has more than 20 slides they will not be displayed.
  • The import Power Point functionality is only available on paid subscription plans (Professional, Business and Enterprise). If you are interested in using it you can upgrade your account or contact us.
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