Course characteristics

After finishing editing the content of your project you can publish it for its integration into a platform as a SCORM package or into a WEB server.

In the course, users can browse between slides, visualize the index (for Classic courses) and monitor their completion of the course. In the distribution for Intranet/web, the course does not show monitoring information because there is no LMS to store it.

You can check the related article Project Configuration to view the customization options that will allow you to adapt it to your taste.

If you have set a Final Test, the user will have to do it to finalize the course. The evaluation will appear as the last item on the menu (in Classic courses) or at the end of the content (in Express courses). The test will appear as the last item of the menu and will be blocked until all the previous content has been visualized (except in preview mode and in web distribution). Classic courses can also be accessed by normal browsing from the slide display area when the user reaches the last slide of the content (as long as the previous content has been seen). 

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