You can activate the evaluation from the Edit content tab of your project. You only need to click on the activation switch button located in the right upper corner of the screen. Keep in mind that it is necessary to have at least one slide in your project.

By activating the evaluation you can see an arrow along with the most relevant data about your evaluation content. To access edition, just click on the arrow located at the right of the panel.


This tab allows the editing of the basic data of your evaluation:

  • Introduction text: A brief introductory paragraph can help you to describe the evaluation and make any necessary explanations.
  • Pass mark: Set the mark needed to pass the evaluation. This will be used for the pass mark for your LMS in case that you distribute the project monitor by evaluation mode. You can obtain more information about distribution options in the specific article. 
  • Attempts: It's the number of times the user has to try to pass the evaluation. Once it’s passed, there won’t be any more attempts. If you configure random questions,questions will be randomly displayed. If you want to configure unlimited attempts, just leave the value of the attempts to 0 (Note that an evaluation with unlimited attempts will not show the feedback per question until the user passes the evaluation).
  • Review: you can configure whether you want the student to be able to see the review of their evaluation after completing it.

  • Cover: This image will be the cover background of your evaluation. You can go without this element, but we recommend including a decorative image to personalize the cover.
  • Random questions: You can configure a question bank in the evaluation. With this configuration, as many questions as you specify will appear on your evaluation, selected randomly from all the questions you have added. You can use this type of configuration to prevent your students from sharing the results of the evaluation. If you configure more than one attempt, questions will appear randomly on each attempt.

Edit questions

With this simple editor for questions you will see how rapidly and easy creating the content of your evaluation is. 

Click on the Add question button and edit the question text by clicking on the text of the panel. 

Click on the camera icon to add an image to the question.

Click on the Configure feedback icon that appears below the camera icon. This will allow you to indicate a positive and negative feedback that will appear depending on whether the answer is correct or not.

You can add as many answers as you want through the Add answer button. Just as in the question, you can edit the text by clicking on it in the answer panel. Do not forget to select the correct answer for each question. 

If necessary, you can reorder the questions by dragging them with the puller at the right of the panel. 


You can include a feedback message whether the evaluation is passed or not.

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