Project distribution

When you finish editing the project the time has come for distributing it to your audience. Currently, we offer five distribution methods:

  • isEazy Go

It is an isEazy course delivery platform in the cloud.

You just have to send a link of your course to the students the way you prefer. They will self-register with this link and will be able to take it up immediately. Their activity will be recorded and thus you will be able to analyze it.

To learn more about the isEazy Go Analysis you can read this article.

  • Share by link / Embed:

This is a quick and easy way to distribute your course with isEazy Author. Moreover, it can be a good option if you do not intend to integrate your project in an LMS platform or in your own Intranet or Web. This type of distribution does not report tracking or user control.

When you publish a new version of your course, it will be updated automatically without the need to modify the link, but keep in mind that if you unsubscribe from isEazy Author at any time, you will no longer have access to this course because we will not be able to keep your data on our servers.

With the URL we provide you with, in addition to viewing your courses in any browser, you will be able to share your courses on various platforms such as Teams or Google Classroom and on social networks.

We also give you the option to embed your course on your website as an iframe:

Remember that the publication by link includes 1GB of transfer. If you need to use this publication to distribute your courses to a large audience or for a very heavy course, please contact us.

Publish to LMS

If the course you have created is intended to be integrated into an LMS, you must distribute it in a format that communicates with the platform and can record certain actions taken by the learner. In addition, even if you cancel your isEazy subscription, your courses will continue to run.

There are three options you can select when distributing your course:

  • SCORM 1.2: is the most extended version and you can choose between two types of monitoring on the platform:
    • Monitor by completion: The course will report the visualization progress in the score.raw variable and will send a COMPLETED to the platform when all the content is visualized. If a test has been configured, the user should complete it to send the COMPLETED, but it will not report the score obtained. 
    • Monitor by evaluation: The course will report the mark obtained in the score.raw variable and will send a COMPLETED when the user finalizes and corrects the test. When exporting in this mode the cut-off mark in the manifest as MasteryScore so that the LMS can generate the results as pass or fail. If you have not configured any test, the course will behave as in the completed mode. You can read further about the test in the related article.

  • SCORM 2004 (3rd edition): at isEazy we only implement the third edition of this version as it is the most common within SCORM 2004.

For this type of publication there are a number of advanced options if you need to be more specific with the communication between the course and your LMS platform, we recommend the standard use of this configuration to guarantee the correct functioning of the course.

  • Tincan/xAPI (Beta): It is a communication standard for eLearning, a more open specification than SCORM that allows tracing of online learning activity.

With this type of distribution you can obtain follow-up data similar to those of SCORM 2004 as a percentage of completion and grade, as well as the answers of the final test, if you have configured the evaluation.

You can learn further about it in this article: Tincan/xAPI.

Share on your Intranet/website:

If you do not need to integrate the project into an LMS and only want to share it on an intranet or public website, we offer you a a .zip package that, after decompressing, you can host on a web server. In this case, the courses will also continue to work in case you cancel your isEazy Author account.

To view this type of publication just download the zipped file, unzip it and open the “index_local” file. Keep in mind that if your course includes external resources with the Link or Embed elements, you will not be able to visualize that if this type of content is available online only.

Considerations when distributing your isEazy Author course in your LMS

It is important to note that slides change their identifier if you move them from one project to another. This means that when you do an LMS integration, if during the convocation you want to make a modification to the course because, for example, you want to correct a typo, if you have moved a slide to another project and then bring it back, it will appear as if it were a new slide and it will appear as if it has not been displayed.

We do not recommend splitting, merging or deleting open call course projects.

We especially do not recommend replacing courses distributed with SCORM and integrated into an LMS if they have sequential navigation and there is an alteration in the course structure with new, deleted or reorganized slides.

Students in the course may be affected by the loss of their bookmark or even the blocking of the course and the impossibility to finish it.

We will not be held responsible for problems caused by a substitution in an LMS when such operations have been performed on the project.

Download a pdf file

If you need to export isEazy Author projects to pdf format, simply click on the "Export" button.

A pdf file will be generated with all the slides of your project.

You will be able to download the pdf file to your computer.

For each slide in your project, a page will be saved in the pdf, in high quality image format.

The appearance of the image of each slide, will correspond to the first view of the slide, the version of the slide when it's consumed on desktop computer screens.

The pdf will also include an initial page with the project's cover page, if you have it set up.

Please note that the pdf is a static format and will not have animations or multimedia or interactive elements, so the "internal" content of the interactive elements of each slide will not be exported. It will also not include the final evaluation.

If you need to create content that is completely printable, we recommend you not to use this type of elements and to use only images and texts for the layout.

The functionality to export your courses to pdf files is only available on paid subscription plans (Professional, Business and Enterprise). If you are interested in using it you can upgrade your account or contact us.

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