How to change my plan

Upgrade or cancel your isEazy Author plan at the Change my plan tab in the Management area. 

Upgrades imply changes in the cost of services. Changes will be applied proportionally to your next bill.

Read “How to update my billing details” before changing your billing details or method of payment.

Updating the subscription period

You can pay your subscription to isEazy Author annually or monthly. In this section you can update your subscription period whenever you like, generating a new billing cycle at that moment. When you go from one subscription period to another, you may receive notification messages informing you about the procedure. 

Upgrading plans

isEazy has one FREE plan and three payment plans: PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE. You can upgrade at any time but you can’t downgrade from any of the payment plans to a FREE plan.

When downgrading, you might receive a blocking message. For example, when you have more used data in your current plan than in the new plan that you want to downgrade, or when you have more than the maximum projects created than the plan allows. If so, the system won’t let you downgrade until you remove the content and/or projects:

If you don’t receive a blocking message when downgrading, you will see a checklist. Read and note any implications to your projects. Accept all to continue.

You may have created a project in a more detailed plan with premium functions, and then downgrade. We will leave your projects intact. In the case you decide to upgrade again, your project will remain unchanged and you won’t have any further work to do. Publications will also remain, unless you republish. When republishing, the function restrictions of your new plan will apply.

Update the number of licenses (BUSINESS accounts only)

You can add unlimited licenses to a BUSINESS account, but make sure that you have available licenses at Team management to drop any. This help article has more information.

Update the number of students in isEazy Author Go

You can add or remove students no matter which plan you have: Professional, Business o Enterprise. Read the article on Students and Group Management to learn more.

Delete my account

To delete your account, see: How to delete my account.

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