How do I delete or freeze my isEazy Author account?

You can delete or freeze your isEazy Author account at any time. We explain in this article the difference between the two possibilities.

Log in to your account's Management Area to do this.

There, go to Subscriptions and Credits:

From Change my subscription, scroll down to see the "Delete account" option:

When you click on delete account, a window will open with two options

  • Freeze/pause your subscription, or 
  • permanently delete it.

Delete your Account

Please note that when you delete an account, you will lose all the projects and associated data as we cannot keep them due to the LGPD (General Data Protection Act). 

When you end a subscription all the projects that you have exported in Scorm format and that you have hosted on your LMS platform, such as the .zip files that you have on your WEB server, will continue to work without any problem (those that you have published by URL will not continue to work).

If you unsubscribe you will not be able to access or edit the projects in isEazy Author. In the case that you register again, you will not be able to upload again courses that you have previously exported, to edit them.

If you have your personalised isEazy Author Go platform, your published courses and the tracking metrics generated by your students will also be deleted there. They will no longer be able to access them once you cancel your account.

As this is a dangerous and non-reversible change, you will be asked to confirm the action by entering your password in the pop-up window.

Cancelling your account means that your next invoice will be cancelled, as long as this is done before the invoice is issued.

Freeze your account

In case you prefer to keep your projects temporarily, until you decide to reactivate your account again, you can choose to freeze them.

During this period, your subscription will be paused and you will not be charged anything. You will only be able to access your account to reactivate it.

While your account is frozen, you will not be able to edit your projects and your collaborators will not be able to access your account.

Projects that you have published via direct link and/or isEazy Author Go will no longer be accessible, but projects that you have downloaded as files and uploaded to other platforms will continue to function normally.

To reactivate your account, simply sign up for a new subscription plan and you will get it back exactly as it was when it was frozen.

As this is a delicate operation, we will ask you to enter your account password before freezing your account.

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