How to update your billing details

You can update your billing details or the payment method used at any moment. Log in to Billing details in the Management area to make the changes.

Keep in mind that some billing details may change the indirect taxes applied to your subscription.

* For European Union countries, we check that the VAT number is valid and registered in the EU VIES service so that the 0% VAT rate can be applied. If it isn’t, the country’s corresponding VAT rate will be applied.

To edit the billing details or payment method, you only have to click on the button Edit in the bottom right-hand corner of the block. This will allow you to fill in the fields. Once the information is updated, simply click on Update details.

To edit the credit or debit card details, enable the Edit switch button and simply fill in the field Card Number and you will see the number, expiration date, and CVV are automatically positioned. If we detect any error in the details, the text in the field will appear in red. 

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