Manage my team (BUSINESS accounts only)

Managing your team is very easy with isEazy. To be able to administer your licenses, go to the tab Team management in the Management area.

In this tool you can see how many licenses you have in your Business account and manage the assigned users. At the right of each user, you can see the number of environments they have access.

New users registration

To create new users in your organization, select the environments  which you want them to have access to on the list of your environments, press next and an invitation URL will be generated for your collaborators.

To generate a new URL with other selected environments, go back, select the environments you want and press next again to obtain the new registration URL.

Whenever you want, you can modify the access of already-registered users to different environments from the Environment management view, accessing each environment in particular and adding or removing permissions to/from those collaborators.

To assign a license to a collaborator, you should provide the link available in Invite collaborators. With this URL the user will be able to register onto your Business account, then they will appear on the list of collaborators.

If you want to remove a user from your list of collaborators, you only need to click on the bin icon which appears to the right of the collaborator’s information/details. When deleting a user, their license will remain available so that you can assign another collaborator or reduce the number of licenses.

If you want to add a collaborator and there are not enough licenses available, you can add a license from the account management panel. For more information read the related help article How to upgrade my account.  

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