Collaborative editing

Collaborative editing is a feature in the Business and Enterprise accounts that allows several users to work on the same project. 

When a user is editing a slide, the other users will be able to see their avatar in the slides menu of the subsection they are working on. This way all users working on a project can see where other collaborators are. 

During collaborative editing there may be various situations to bear in mind:

  • If two or more users are editing the same element (for example, changing the background color of a slide) the latest change will override the previous edits. The other users will not be able to see the final appearance of the element until they perform another action on the project, prompting auto-save and synchronizing the changes. 
  • If you are editing a slide that another user deletes, you will be automatically redirected to the first slide of that subsection.
  • If you are editing a section or subsection that another user has deleted, you will automatically be taken to the project’s structure editor.
  • If you are editing a slide that another user has moved, you can keep editing in a new location without having to worry about a thing.
  • If you are viewing a project which other users are editing, it may be that you won’t see the latest changes. Edit any element and the changes will synchronize. 
  • If various users delete slides of a subsection and it is left empty, the last one deleted will actually not be deleted (subsections must always contain at least one slide). 

Although isEazy Author allows various users to edit the same slide simultaneously, it can be frustrating for editors not to have control over the actions of the rest. Therefore, here are some recommendations:

  • Create the project structure and set the project description before starting to collaborate in editing it.
  • Coordinate with the other users so that everyone works on a specific area in the structure of the content.
  • Try not to make changes to the structure when there are users working (deleting sections, moving an interactive whilst someone is editing it, etc.). This avoids other users getting confused or lost.

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