xAPI is a communication standard for eLearning. It is based on the registration of learning actions or statements under the scheme "subject, verb, object" in a LRS (Learning Record Store).

This communication standard solves SCORM's own limitations by offering a much more open communication API.

In isEazy the xAPI distribution works with Tincan packaging for integration into any compatible LMS.

To know more about this specification you can check the following url: https://github.com/RusticiSoftware/launch/blob/master/lms_lrs.md

Trace log

As it is a very open standard in terms of communications, it is important to define a tracking that the course will carry out for a successful integration.

The courses created with isEazy Author report the following traces (statements):

  • initialized: when starting the course for the first time
    • objectId: course id
  • attempted: at the beginning of the course every time you enter it
    • objectId: course id
  • experienced: when completing a slide
    • objectId: slide id
  • progress: as progress goes further
    • objectId: course id
    • description: progress
    • result: duration
  • attempted: commenting on the evaluation every time you make an attempt
    • objectId: course id + "/ assessment"
  • answered: when solving the evaluation, one for each question answered
    • objectId: course id + “/ assessment” + question id
    • result: success and response
    • object:
      • definition:
        • description: question statement
      • type: interactions
      • correctResponsesPattern
      • choices
      • interactionType
  • passed: when passing an assessment
    • objectId: course id and course id + "/ assessment"
    • result:
      • score
      • completion true
      • success true
  • failed: when failing an assessment
    • objectId: course id and course id + "/ assessment"
    • result:
      • score
      • completion true
      • success false
  • completed: upon 100% completion of the course
    • objectId: course id
    • result:
      • completion true
      • duration
      • success and score (if it has evaluation)

To save the students’ answers in the evaluation we send all the answered statements with the responses in a single call (batch statement). In this way we guarantee the integrity of the data.

Note: This feature is only available on ENTERPRISE. If you are interested please contact us

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