General aspects of the tool

Welcome to isEazy Author! You can find all the necessary information to know how to use this tool on this Help Portal. 

We have created a very user-friendly interface where you will easily find all you are looking for. However, we believe we should highlight the most important elements of the tool:


You can find several elements in the heading. We will tell you about them in order of appearance:

  • Platform logo: So you do not forget it.
  • Browsing breadcrumb: This tells you at times where you are and allows you to quickly browse to higher levels.
  • File uploading indicator: This is a progress bar that temporarily appears while an upload is under way. Once the upload is finished the bar disappears.
  • Stored indicator: At all times we store your changes so you do not have to worry about anything. If the indicator is revolving that means changes are being stored. If to the contrary, it is a grey dot, this means everything is stored.
  • Preview: When you access a project the course preview tool is activated. If you want to know more about this tool, visit the related article.
  • Help: Launches the help browser. If you do not find the help you need you can contact us form this same window. 
  • User profile: This identifies you as a user, in addition, if you click on it, a drop-down menu appears that allows you to exit the platform or edit your personal profile. 

Lateral menu

As you browser through the platform the menu adds layers to show you the options of the page where you are. The menus have a button for Go back at the top to allows you to browse to an upper level. 

When accessing the slide editor you will see the menu change to adapt to the edition needs of the tool. Instead of the normal options of the other menus, you will see the slides of subsection appear with the type of layout you are using. In addition, the menu is narrower to leave you more space for editing your slide.

Work area

The different pages of the platform will load into the work area. In the case of the slide editor an extra panel also appears at the right, which allows you to configure the slide properties and its resources. If you want to know more about this panel, visit the help article about Edition of slides.

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