Slide editor elements

The lateral menu on the left narrows to give more space for edition in the slide editor. In addition, a new panel appears at the right and the central space is fully occupied by the slide.

Accompanying the slide, inside the work area, there are two tools:

  • Move slide elements: By using the button found at the upper part of the slide you can activate the move mode.
  • Forward and rewind a slide: At the bottom of the slide, there are two arrows. One of them allows you to go forward to the next slide. If you are at the last slide of the subsection, you can go to the first slide of the next subsection. The back button works analogously.
  • Page number: The page number indicator is located at the lower part of the slide. You can see the number of the slide you are editing, together with the total number of slides.
  • Duplicating a slide: This allows you to make a copy of the current slide and takes you to the newly created one.  
  • Delete slide: This allows you to delete the current slide.
  • Move to subsection: This allows you to relocate the current slide in another subsection of your project.

You can edit the properties of the element you have selected on the right-hand panel. If you have not selected any element, you will see the properties of the slide by default.

The properties panel allows you to access the different configurations of the slide and its elements. To return to the previous panel you can click on the button with the left arrow located at the upper part. If you want to directly return to the slide properties and stop having a selected element all you have to do, is to press on any free part of the work area. 

Whenever you are placed on the slide or on the properties panel you will see the blank gaps available on your slide.

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