What you can do with the elements of a slide

Creating elements

When you create a slide and over it or on the properties editing panel a + button appears on each cell. By clicking on it, you can see that the right panel shows the list of available elements. You only have to choose the type of element you want to create in the cell by clicking on it. Its properties panel will be shown automatically. 

Also, you can move from the list of Slide elements in the slide properties panel. You only have to click on an empty element, if you want to do that from the slide.

Moving elements

You can easily move and interchange the elements of your slide. By using the button at the upper part of the slide you can activate the Move mode. 

Once activated, you can move elements from one cell to another. Do not worry if the cell has different sizes, the element will adapt to its new size. If your element has images, make sure you establish an adequate framing point. When moving an element, images will be trimmed according to that frame magically. You only have to worry about adjusting the text, in case it does not fit in the new target cell. If you want to know more about the framing point of images, you can check the related article.

To move the element to another slide, drag it directly over the slide and the element will be added in the first available space on the target slide. 

To exit the move mode, you can click again on the button or click on any free part of the edition area.

Also, you can move from the list of Slide elements in the slide properties panel. Drag the elements to change their position inside the list or directly on the slide. 

Duplicating elements

To duplicate an element you must click on the copy icon that is shown in the list of slide elements. The new element will then occupy the next free position it finds in your slide. If there are no free positions left, then the new element will appear outside the list, you can move it from there to your desired position. 

To duplicate an element to another slide, you can duplicate the element in the current slide and then move it to the desired slide.

Deleting elements

Deleting elements is really easy, you only have to select the element to be deleted and in its properties panel, you can see a button with a waste bin on the top.

When you delete an element, the cell will be selected and you can create a new one in that same position. If you want to leave the cell empty, you can simply return to the properties panel of the slide and continue working.

If you want to delete an element that has been left outside the layout, you can do this directly from the list of Slide elements. You only have to click on the cross at the right of the element in the list.

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