Headings in accessible mode

Headings are necessary to define the structure of the content hierarchically and to facilitate navigation in accessible mode also for users using screen readers.

The heading options are: "H2", "H3", "H4" or "text".

The "H1" is the default heading for the course name and subsection titles, there can only be one per page and it will not be available among the heading options you can choose. 

Please. find and an example below of a course structure in editing with the course name and section and subsection titles automatically assigned "H1":

You can use "H2", "H3", "H4" or "text" to define the structure of the content of each subsection.

It is possible to install a Chrome extension to see the structure of the published project. The extension is: headingsmap or wave

How headings are assigned

There are two possibilities to define headings:

  • When editing text in your slides you will be able to assign headings with the text editing bar, there you will see the drop-down with all the heading options:

  • In some interactive elements you can also assign headings to their titles in the editing panel on the right. It is important that the name you add in the title field is descriptive to provide sufficient context about the interactive elements for learners in accessible mode.

We will help you with the following contextual help messages: "Add a title so your students can identify the video."

If you add it, you will see the following message instead: "All right! Your content is more accessible now".

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