Image & Text

This item allows you to add text to an image with three different styles. You can also add some interaction to your content.

You can edit the text directly on the slide with the same formatting options as in the text item. Please, see the related article for more information.


You can choose from three different styles for your text layer:

  • Superimposed: The text box fits into the entire size of the image. You can center the text as you want and set up both the color of the text and the box in order to achieve an attractive layout.
  • Boxed: The text is fixed to the bottom of the image and the box occupies as much as the text layer.
  • Gradient: Same performing way as the boxed mode but with a subtle gradient instead of a box.

Emerged text

When you enable the Text visible through interaction , the text layer will remain hidden until the user clicks on the action button. When you click on the button, the text will be displayed with an animation and will allow us to re-close the text layer.

Text box color

Set up the color and opacity of the background of your text box. Note that when you activate the emerged text, the box also appears and disappears through an animation. If you want to tint an image independently to the text display animation you can use the ink filter on the image itself.

Background image

You have the same set up options as in the image element. Please, see the related article for more information.

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