ABC Exercise

This is an auto-training exercise so that your users can consolidate their learning. Through a series multiple choice type questions, the user can test their knowledge and select the correct answers. Once they complete the exercise,the users can repeat it as many times as they like. 


To help you understand the process and how it may help you, we have provided you with some examples of what you can do with this interactive element.

  • Creation of exercise "Questions with images"

  • Creation of exercise "Listening + ABC"

Configuration of exercise

In regards of the size, this interactive element takes up in the cell it can behave in two ways:

· Direct implementation: When you click on the exercise’s cover icon, it starts on that same cell.

  • Launcher: If the cell where the exercise is, is too small to complete the exercise comfortably, the launcher will open. This means that after clicking the cove icon, the exercise will stretch until it fills the whole slide. The user will be able to return the exercise to its original size by clicking on the cross which appears after expanding. 

In responsive mode (mobile) the launcher always opens to give a more comfortable and immersive experience, no matter what your non-responsive version is like. 

Once the exercise is done, a general feedback window will be shown where the number of correct answers (on the first attempt) appears.


You have the usual personalization options:

  • Color: Choose one of the colors on the palette and set the opacity. In addition, you can choose any other color using the customized color configurator.
  • Gradient: Choose one of the gradients on the palette and set the opacity and the angle. In addition, you can choose any other gradient using the customized gradient configurator.
  • Image: If you decide to use an image for the background you have the same configuration options as the image element.  Read the related article for more information.

Title of the ABC exercise

You can add a title or an introductory text to appear on the cover of the exercise. Note that when the exercise is placed on a very small spot on the slide this text will not be shown.

Answer mode

In this exercise you can choose between two Answer modes: SINGLE y MULTI.

  • SINGLE Answer Mode: there is only one correct answer.

  • MULTI Answer mode: more than one right answer can be selected.

Questions will be marked as correct, provided that all the right answers have been selected by the student.


To create questions click on the + button on the list. Each time you add a new question, the properties panel shows you the settings of the new item. To go back to the list click on the back button found in the top left part of the properties panel. 

If you want to go back to access the properties for one of the questions, just click on the item on the list. 

In each question you can configure:


The text that will go before the question. You should edit it on the properties panel, this text cannot be edited on the slide itself. 

Question image

You can accompany your question with an image. Use it to decorate or to ask a question about it. Question images have the same customization options as the Image element. Read the related article for more information. 


Create as many possible answers as you want by cliking on the + button at the end of the list. You can directly edit the text of the answer on the item in the list.

Don't forget to select the correct answer by cliking on the button at the left of the answers.

If you want to delete one of the answrs from the list, just click on the cross at the right.

  • SINGLE Answer mode:
  • MULTI Answer mode:


For each question the user answers, it is possible to give students feedback in case they answer correctly/incorrectly.

Different feedback can be configured depending on whether their answer is right or wrong.

There is no need to configure feedback for right or wrong answers for all questions. Feedback will only appear when set.

If you have chosen the MULTI Answer mode, students will see whether their answer is right in each question. If there is a mistake, a cross will show next to the selected answer. The answrs left unselected will have an interrogation mark next to them, like below:

After clicking the "Next" button, the error feedback will show, if it had been set:

If all the selected answers are right, theu will show like this:

In the last question with all the answers right, you will find the "Finish" button:

Editing ABC Exercise in accessible mode

  • Add an alternative text and a long description if it is relevant to your cover image in the ABC exercise.
  • You can assign a title by choosing from the different headings, so that your students can identify the exercise. Try not to repeat this title in the project section.
  • Add an alternative text and a long description if relevant to the accompanying images for each question as appropriate.

See an example of the ABC Exercise in Accessibility mode.

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