This element can help you to explain processes step by step, or group a series of images related to each other. Easily create a gallery of images and accompany it with texts if you want.

There is no limit for the amount of elements allowed, but to facilitate usage, we recommend not to include more than 10 elements. If you use more elements than those which can be shown together in the lower indicator, they will be paginated as you go through the gallery.


You have three different gallery styles designed to make the text stand out more or less in contrast to the image. 

  • Footer text: You can add your customized text at the bottom of the image. A subtle gradient layer will allow you to make sure that text can be read on the image.
  • Panelling: With this style you will be able to edit text on a side box ensuring greater visibility. Thus, the image is partly covered.
  • Overlap: By using this style, the text layer completely covers the image.

You can adjust the colour and opacity of the text boxes individually for each element.


You can add a title to your Gallery. If this element is in a small cell, the title will not be displayed directly, a button will appear for the title to be shown temporarily instead.


You can choose the animation you like best for your Gallery transitions, there are three options:

  • Slide horizontal: the transition from one page to another is done to the right and left.
  • Slide vertical: the transition from one page to another is done downwards and upwards.
  • Cross-fade: the transition from one page to another is done with a fading effect.

List of images 

Add images by clicking on the + button found at the end of the list. Each time you add a new question, the properties panel shows you the settings of the new item. To go back to the list, click on the back button found on the top left part of the properties panel. 

If you want to go back to access the properties for one of the questions, just click on the item on the list. 

You can configure a descriptive text for each item and upload an image. The images of the gallery have the same options for configuration as the image element. Read more about it in the related article. 

If you want to delete one of the items from the list, just click on the cross on to the right. 

Editing Gallery in accessible mode

  • You can assign a title by choosing from the different headings, so that your students can identify the gallery. Try not to repeat this title in the project section.
  • With the toolbar you can also assign headings to your Gallery texts.
  • Add Alt Text descriptions to the images in the Gallery and remember that long descriptions can also be entered.
  • In the text editing toolbar you will have a language selector for your texts: using this feature you can select those text fragments that are in a different language from the main language of the course, and indicate which language it is. The screen reader will then be able to apply the appropriate diction to these parts in order to make it easier for the student to understand when listening to the text.

Features not supported in Accessible mode:

  • Please note that to ensure readability of the text, in accessible mode the text will not overlap the image, they will appear side by side and the text footer, paneled or overlay styles will not be applied
  • In accessibility, animations are not allowed, so even if you configure horizontal, vertical or fade-in animation in the accessible mode of the course, the content will be static and the images will be displayed one after the other.

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