Nowadays, videos are  essential teaching resources that allow us to convey complex information in an attractive and concise way. In fact, it has been proven that adding visual stimuli is effective at an educational level: they are a primary source of information that we are able to process instinctively, quickly and naturally.
With the Video interactive element you can include a video of up to 1GB. To add one, simply click on the + button and upload your video.

You may already watch it while it is loading. Next to the Preview button, the autosaving process will begin.

To see what the supported formats are, view the help article on the Image, audio and video requirements.

Video cover

You can configure a cover by choosing a color, gradient or an image. All the options and filters that you see on the image resource can also be applied to the cover.

Bear in mind that if you have started to play the video on the slide, you won’t be able to see the cover’s settings. To be able to see the settings you must pause the video and set the play bar back to the beginning.

Video title

You can add text as a title or introductory text to appear on the cover of the video. 

Video controls

It is possible to configure the display of the native controls of the video, simply deactivate this option if you do not want the user to do anything other than play / pause.


The video plays automatically. Please note that this option will not work in all browsers.

VTT subtitle content

If you want to add subtitles to your audio, the way to do it is by copying the contents of your subtitle VTT file to this text field of the audio editor.

To learn more about the VTT format, consult the article on Requirements for VTT subtitles.

Editing Video in accesible mode

  • Add an alternative text and a long description if it is relevant for the Video cover image.
  • A heading can be added to your Video title.
  • Add a transcription when required. This text must be descriptive and you can make them more useful by formatting it and adding captions, for example. See further information from WCAG here.

Learn more in these articles: Headings, Alternative texts and long descriptions.

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