This element lets you represent multiple percentage values in the same graph. It sets each percentage range taking into account that the total is 100%.


It allows you to choose the type of graphic you want to use to represent the percentage. You have these types:

  • Pie

  • Donut

  • Gauge


You can add a title to your graphic element. If the element is in a small part of the slide, the title will not be shown directly and a button will appear to make the title appear temporarily instead.

Background color

You can configure the background color of the graphic.


It sets as many value ranges as you want to be represented in your graph. To create values, click on the + button on the list. Each time you add a new value, the properties panel will show you the settings of the new item. To go back to the list, you must click on the return button found on the top left of the properties panel. 

If you want to access the properties of one of the categories again, just click on the item on the list.

For each value you can configure:


The name defines the value. It needs to be a descriptive name.


This selector lets you set the percentage value that you want to show in the graph. For example, if you want to indicate 50% you will have to indicate it as it appears in the image:

Fill color

The color will distinguish the side linked to each value. You can configure opacity and use custom colors.


You can get results as attractive as the following:

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