With this element you can link content with two operation modes:

  • External: Allows you to link external content to a course introducing its URL. When the trainee clicks on the link it browses to it on a new tab of the browser.
  • Internal: Directs you to another slide of the course. In this case, the browsing is done inside the window of the course as if the trainee would have access to the linked content through the menu or by the browsing controls. Take into account that if you have linked a link to a slide and later you delete the slide, the link would become useless. Nevertheless, you can move the slide from its position and the link will remain linked to the slide you selected.

To finish configuring your link you only have to introduce a title and configure the background of the element using a color or an image. All the options and filters that you see on the image resource can also be applied to the background.

To relate external content you can also use the Download element or the Embed element. Read more about them in the related articles for more information.

Editing Link in accesible mode

  • Add a descriptive title to your Link that is not repeated in the project section.
  • If you add a meaningful background image to your Link element you can also include Alt text and a long description.
  • Keep in mind that if you are setting up an internal link to another slide of a given subsection in a Classic course, the accessible mode will take your audience to the first slide of the subsection. They will also be presented with the entire subsection since the navigation mode in accessible mode is vertical just like in Express courses. You can learn more about the types of courses in the article Classic and Express courses.
  • If you are setting up an external link, it would be advisable that the content you link to is also accessible, even if it is external to isEazy.


Availability of the content

Take into account that elements linked to other platforms can stop being available or become unreliable. We suggest only linking content you own. 

Visualization in the editor.

Internal links do not work in the slide editor, to test them you can use preview or export the course.

Learn more in these articles: Headings, Alternative texts and long descriptions.

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