It is an interactive element that offers a host of educational uses. You can put content on both sides and the user can click on the card to discover the content hidden behind.


It allows you to choose how you want the B side to display. You have several transition effects:

  • Flip Horizontal: The card flips horizontally and reveals the side B on the reverse.
  • Flip Vertical: The card flips vertically and reveals the side B on the reverse.
  • Cross-fade: Side A fades showing side B.
  • Slide up: Side A slides up while side B accompanies it in its movement from below.
  • Slide left: Side A slides left while side B accompanies it in its movement from the right.
  • Discover: When you click, side A slides right while revealing side B, or side B slides left while revealing side A. On top of that, by dragging the puller you can reveal any side while controlling both speed and direction.

Side A and Side B

You can edit the text directly on the slide on both sides of the card, with the same options as a text element. Read more about it in the related article.

You can also configure both sides with a background color or image choosing the option you like the most in the selector of the properties panel. You can combine a side with color and the other side with an image or configure both sides with the same type of background, you decide!

  • Color: Choose one of the colors on the palette and set the opacity. In addition, you can choose any other color using the customized color configurator.
  • Gradient: Choose one of the gradients on the palette and set the opacity and the angle. In addition, you can choose any other gradient using the customized gradient configurator.
  • Image: If you decide to use an image as the background of a side you will have the same configuration options as the image element. View the related article for more information.

Editing Card in accessible mode

  • If you add relevant images to any side of your card, A or B, you will also be able to add Alt text and long descriptions to both.
  • If you add text to your card on any side, with the toolbar you will be able to assign it a heading.
  • In the text editing toolbar you will also have a language selector for your texts: select those parts of the text that are in a language other than the main language of the course and indicate which language it is. The screen reader will then be able to apply the appropriate diction to these parts to facilitate understanding by the learner.

Functionalities not supported in Accessible mode:

  • Please note that to ensure readability of the text, in Accessible mode the text will not overlap the image. They will appear side by side for each side of the element.
  • Animations are not allowed in accessibility. Even if you configure them, the content will always appear static in the accessible mode of the course.

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