Creating Games and Exercises with AI

With IsEazy Author you can create the games and exercises of your projects in seconds, using generative Artificial Intelligence, from the content of your courses.

You can generate your exercises and games automatically by AI, by accessing each of them. At the top of the right panel, you will see the button to do it:

Clicking on "Create exercise" or "Create game" button will open a window with these options:

  • Origin of the questions: you can select from the drop-down list, if you want to use the content of the whole subsection you are in, or only the content of some slides.

If you have slides with not very relevant content in that subsection, we recommend you that deselect them in the list, this will help the AI to create higher quality content.

Click on the "create exercise" or "create set" button and that's it! You have it in your course.

The AI will generate the exercise title, the questions and statements, the answers, the categories and groups.

After each exercise has been generated, you will be able to configure images and colours, and you will be able to manually edit all the texts created (title, questions, answers and statements), as well as delete or add questions.

Please note that if you have already created the exercises and you generate them again through the AI, they will be replaced.

If you want to know more about how to edit:

Remember that...

Generative AI is able to analyse data or learn patterns to produce coherent and meaningful texts. However, it is an AI with biases and limitations, which can also provide erroneous information. 

Very short content or content with little relevant information will not produce good quality questions.

For this reason we recommend that L&D managers review the contents that were generated by the AI, in order to certify the quality.

This functionality is part of the AI service pack and can be used with your Credits. If you are interested, please contact us.

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