What is Artificial Intelligence?

Generative AIs are artificial intelligence models capable of generating original content, whether in the form of text, images, music or any other data. They use algorithms and advanced  machine learning techniques, such as generative neural networks, that produce new results based on patterns that operate according to the content for which it has been trained.

As we know that generative artificial intelligence already plays an important role in the world of e-learning, because it provides innovative and customized solutions to improve the training of your users, IsEazy Author has several AI functionalities designed to make your life easier.

Remember that you can use AI to improve the efficiency of your projects, it will serve as a creative aid and will enable you to automate tedious tasks.

With IsEazy Author, you can now enjoy these AI functionalities:

  • Automatic translation of your complete courses: with just one click.
  • Text voice-over: Write your text, choose your favorite voice and that's it! 
  • Automatic creation of questions in the final test: Create an evaluation from your course content in seconds.

You can see the AI service activated in your account, in the AI icon in the top menu:


As you know, the security of your data is very important to us. That's why we work with Microsoft Azure, our leading AI and data security partner. You don't have to worry, the data you use in our AI services will never be used to retrain models and none of our AI services store customer data outside of our secure infrastructure.

Coming soon

And that's not all. We will be adding new AI tools in the near future:

  • Automatic creation of games and exercises: effortlessly create interactives from the content of your slides to reinforce learning.
  • Subtitle creation: We extract the subtitles from your video and add the timecodes so you don't have to do a thing.
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