SSO - Single Sign-On

isEazy Author allows you to integrate your user login with your corporate login through the standard 2.0 SAML protocol, available in most federated systems.

If your company has an identity federation server for centralized user management (such as Azure Directory or Google Workspace among others), with the integration of isEazy Author as a service, users will be able to login to their Author account through their corporate username and password.


  • It simplifies author access to isEazy Author by avoiding having to remember multiple users and passwords.
  • It simplifies user permissions management by centralizing data in one place.
  • It adds an extra layer of security: users' passwords do not have to leave the corporate network.
  • The SAML protocol is an open standard. This makes it more likely that your federation server will be compatible with isEazy Author integration.

How to use SSO

Once you have the Unified Login functionality enabled, user login will always be done through your corporate server.

To access your isEazy Author account, you must first be logged into your company's server URL. Once logged in, you will only have to access the SAML access form, and enter your corporate email.

IsEazy Author will then query your federated server for your user details and let you access your account, without you having to enter any password on our portal.

Notice: This functionality is only available on Enterprise plans. If you are interested in it, please contact us at and provide the metadata of your federation server.

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