Send a copy of a project

isEazy Author allows you to send copies of your projects to other accounts in an easy and fast way.


  • Organizations owning several accounts may send projects from and to any of them. 
  • If you have clients owning an isEazy Author account, you will be able to send your projects to them so that they can edit and review them, and they may send projects to you as well.

This functionality is available for Professional, Business and Enterprise plans.

How to send a copy

In order to send a copy of your project access Advanced options in the side menu and then Send copy (to another account)

There you may enter the email you are sending your copy to, it must be an isEazy Author account owner email or collaborator in administrator rol email, with an additional optional message. Click on “send a copy request”, you will see that the button changes into “sending” and the copy of your project will be sent right away.

How to receive a copy

When you have received a copy, you will see a notice like this one:

You will be able to decide whether to accept it or discard it, or just close the notice pop-up window. If you choose, the latter, the notice will pop up again until you decide whether you accept or discard the copy.

If you accept the copy, you will be able to decide which environment or folder you wish to save your project.

If you discard the copy, you will not see this notice again and the copy will not be saved in any environment.

Special cases

  • If the project you are sending a copy of has a personalized typography, the destination account must have a plan that allows adding it, Business or Enterprise. Then, when the receiver accepts the copy, the new typography will be added automatically in their list of available typographies.
  • If the project you are sending a copy is based on a custom template, that same template must have been previously activated in the destination account.

Notification email

When someone has sent a copy of their project to you, you will receive a notification email.

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