Translate a project (Enterprise) - Beta

isEazy allows you to translate courses easily and quickly.

To translate a project, go to Advanced opctions > Translate texts in the main menu 

Exporting texts

Click the Export button to generate the file with all the texts of your project

Once the file is created, you can download it. The downloaded file will be in html format.

Translators will be able to import that file into CAT tools. We have tested the compatibility with several tools: memsource, memoQ, smartCat and Tradós SDL as well as tests with translation companies. These tools display html tags in a simplified way and offer facilities to add those tags to the translation. 

Importing Texts

The file you have to import is the html file with the translated texts (the file you have translated and previously downloaded in the export texts option). When you import the html file, a new project will be created with the translated texts. You will be able to see this project once the platform has finished creating this project with the texts from the imported file.
If after translating the file, you want to check that it is a valid html file and compatible with isEazy, you can open the file in a browser and check that you see the texts correctly. 

Note: This functionality is only available on Enterprise accounts. If you are interested please contact us

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