Restore points (Enterprise)

With isEazy Author Enterprise accounts now you can recover backups of previous versions of your projects with the restore points functionality.

There are two types of restore points:

  • Suggested restore points: automatically created when a certain number of actions is performed or when your project is published. They are erased over time.
  • Manually created restore points: users can save the project at the point they are in or save a suggested restore point that for whatever reason is interesting for them.

You will find your versions in the Advanced options menu located on the left-hand side of your project.

What are the suggested restore points?

These suggested restore points, as mentioned above, are automatically created as you edit your project or when it is published. Also they are automatically deleted over time.

Please note that you will have more restore options, with the latest versions. The more time passes, the fewer old restore points there will be, but you can still have a track record stored in your project.

When you check your restore points you will see that you have three options: display the version, restore it or pin it up.

We would like you to know that when you restore one of your versions, you are not overwriting the one you are working on. A copy of the project with the selected version will be automatically created instead and you will be able to work on it and make the changes needed. You can even copy some slides of the recovered version and add them back to the original project. 

In case you want to pin up a suggested restore point, you will have to name it. This way you will always have it available in your version list and you will be able to see it when you need it.

If you have an account with several contributors, the fixed restore points will be listed with the avatar of whoever saved the version.

What are the manually created restore points?

These restore points can be created in two different ways. You can do it by using the Pin up new point button to fix the version of the project at the point you are at the time the process is being carried out.

You also create a manual restore point when you pin up and name a suggested restore point.

This functionality might be interesting if you want to have a saved version before making big changes or to have the different delivery versions of a project.

Note that these manual restore points can be renamed and also deleted if they are not necessary anymore.

Note: This functionality is only available on Enterprise accounts. If you are interested please contact us

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