How to delete your account

You can cancel your account whenever you wish. Log in to Account management in the Management tab to delete the account.

Please, take into consideration that when an account is deleted all of the projects and data associated with it will be lost as well. We are not allowed to keep any of it in compliance with RGPD. 

You won’t be able to re-import projects to edit back again if you decide to start a new subscription later on. You will be able to keep, and they will continue to work, all the projects that you may have exported in SCORM and zip files for the web.

Your customized platform isEazy Go, all the courses distributed with it and all the analytics generated with it will be deleted as well. Your students will not have access to it any longer.

You should bear in mind that, when deleting an account, you will lose the projects and related data. In the event of such a risky and irreversible change, we will ask you to confirm this action by entering your password in the pop-up window. 

Canceling an account means canceling your next bill, as long as it is canceled before the bill has been issued. 

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