Distribution with isEazy Go

Once you have finished editing your project, you may easily distribute it with isEazy Go.

On the menu on your left, click on Distribution and you will see isEazy Go as the top option:

First, click on the Publish button, this way, your project will be ready. Then select which groups will have access to this course with isEazy Go.

Selecting your audience

You will simply have to check the boxes of the groups you wish to grant access to: when you see the tick on a magenta background, you will know that your course is immediately on the platform for the assigned groups to see it.

You may undo this by unselecting the group that you do not wish to grant access to the course.

Publishing new versions of a project

If you have made any changes to the projects since the latest publication, you may update it. Just click on Publish and the updating will be completed automatically also on the platform.

Notice:  We advise not to make any changes to training contents in progress on isEazy Go, not in their structure or assessment, in order not to generate inconsistent results or blocking situations for the students.

Individual invitations

If you need to grant access to a course to one person only, you may use this link button:

Then, you will see this message with the generated invitation link:

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