Can I print my course?

isEazy Author courses are very interactive. We strongly believe that interactivity is necessary so that the student does not leave the course, the monotony is usually the biggest problem of e-learning courses.

For this reason, we can't simplify all the states of a course element in a static state such as paper format.
We are aware of why you sometimes want to print the courses, and we have solutions for all cases:
  • Revision: there are one or more people who must approve your course before you publish it or integrate it into an LMS. In this case, the easiest thing is to publish by link and share the link with them. What is easier than this?
  • Offline: you create a course for a university or some institution and they tell you that it is necessary that you give the material used in order to justify the cost of the course and/or for the students to have the material physically available. In this case, the best thing you can do is a WEB Publication. In this way, you can deliver a .zip file that can be viewed whenever you want. To view this type of publication just download the zipped file, unzip it and open the “index_local” file. Keep in mind that if your course includes external resources with the Link or Embed elements, you will not be able to visualize them since this type of content is available online only.
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