Manage my environments

Organizing your projects and collaborators using environments with isEazy Author is very easy. You can manage your environments from the Work environments tab, in the Management area.

From this tab you can view the work environments you have, add as many as interest you, and access the settings of each of them.

Once you have configured several environments, you’ll see that you have the My environments tab on the platform’s main view. There you can manage the projects of each environment.

Configuration of an environment


You can configure the name and color your environment will have from this settings view, modify the values as you like and then save that information by pressing the Apply changes button.

Authors with access

Decide which of your organization’s collaborators have access to each environment, you can add and remove access for your collaborators to an environment whenever you like, take into account that a collaborator must have access to at least one environment that may exist in your organization.

Remove environment

You can remove an environment from the last section of this view. To be able to remove an environment it cannot contain any project.

If you want to remove an environment with projects, you can move those projects to another environment from the project file or remove them.

Manage new users

To be able to add or delete users, go to the Team management tab in the Management area.

Move projects between environments

There is an option to move projects between the different environments you have in your organization, you can do so from the project file in the My Projects list. If you have more than one environment set up, next to the duplicate button, a new button will appear to move. If you press it, you’ll be able to select the environment where you want to move that project.

For Business and Enterprise plan accounts only.

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