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Course example with all the interactive elements that isEazy offers. Find inspiration for the creation of your course with the different examples that are in this template.

Course Example

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In this project template you will find examples of several isEazy games.


This course offers different types of design templates for your own inspiration. Contains title templates, introduction, teams, pros & cons, testimonials, contact and thanks.

An onboarding course for your new employees where you can tell them about your company history, mission and vision, in addition to teaching them about the company’s basic products, organization and culture.

A perfect template for presenting your company to potential clients or partners.

This template provides a methodology for selling any product so you can train your sales personnel to become the best vendors possible.

This template is perfect for providing you with a 360º presentation about your company’s products.

If you’re interested in training your employees in skills such as persuasive communication or leadership, our roleplay templates will guide you step by step towards achieving it.

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