Automated translations (Enterprise)

isEazy Author is now integrated with Microsoft Azure Translator, an Azure service that uses AI and machine learning, within the Azure Cognitive Services suite. 

With this Machine Translation functionality, we can translate your entire project with one click in a couple of minutes. As with the export and import of Translate texts, we will preserve the formatting and style of your project so you don't have to worry about a thing.

How to use it

To translate a project, just access it and:

  • Go to Advanced options> Translate texts, on the side menu
  • Select Automated translation
  • Select the target language in the drop-down list and click on the Request translation button.
  • Once the process is completed… go back to your list of projects and to find your new translated project.

See the step by step in this video:


  • You can translate your project into any of the available languages in the Project configuration supported by Azure Document Translator, with the exception of Valencian and Taiwanese.
  • We recommend proofreading all translated content as machine translations may not be as accurate as those done by an expert translator. 
  • Take into account all multimedia content: if you use videos, for example, don't forget to add subtitles so that they are automatically translated along with the rest of the content. You will have to translate images containing text manually if you have included any. Alternatively, you can use the Image & Text element to avoid that.
  • isEazy Author is not responsible for the accuracy of the content resulting from these machine translations generated through third-party services. 

Notice: This functionality is only available for Enterprise plans. If you are interested, please, contact us on

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