Student and Groups Management

You may find the Students and Groups Management option in isEazy Go, on the main menu on the left, below My Profile.

Student Management

You can see the Students List that are currently registered in your platform and the date when they registered. 

Moreover, you can delete students in this list by clicking on the bin icon.

Group Management

In order to manage access to your platform more effectively, you will be able to create groups.

All the students will be in the All group by default. Apart from this group, you will be able to create as many as you need.

The group All allows you to call all the registered students in isEazy Go  to a courses no matter how many other groups they might belong to. It can be very useful when distributing courses to your full audience.

Remember that you can always add or remove students from any created group.

Click on any group of the list to edit it. You may change their name and select who belongs to them.

How to add students

In order to invite students to your platform you only have to select what groups they will belong to and then generate the invitation link. Keep in mind that all students will belong to the All group by default.

Once the invited students have registered, they will be able to use that same credentials to access the platform other times and complete their assigned courses.

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