isEazy Go

isEazy Go

isEazy Go is a platform where you can distribute your courses and analyze the tracking of your students with no need for an LMS.

You can make it with isEazy. As easy as sharing an invitation, track progress and analyze who and when have seen what and what mark they got...

Main advantages:

  • Track your students’ progress effortlessly
  • Monitor and analyze your students’ progress
  • Totally customizable with your logo and corporate colors: link
  • All of it fully on isEazy (and with no need to export your projects)

Your students will be able to access it through a link that you can generate when distributing your project. They will only have to self-register to be able to complete their courses and you will be able to see and analyze the tracking data of their activity.

To start using isEazy Go we recommend you to read the following articles:

* Customization of isEazy Go

* Students and Groups Management

* Analytics

*Distribution with isEazy Go

Remember that all the plans (including the Free one) include three students free of charge so that you can try isEazy Go.

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