Customization of the Platform

IsEazy Go is on the main menu. There you will be able to access the Platform Customization.


You can name your subdomain with the Professional, Business and Enterprise plans.

When deciding the name of your subdomain, keep in mind that the following rules:

  • must be between 7 and 32 alphanumeric characters long
  • you can use letters and / or numbers
  • you can only use lowercase

For example:

Your colors

Select the color palette that best matches your style. Besides, if you have a Professional, Business or Enterprise account, you may add our own colors to your platform. You only need to select a highlight, text and background color.

Title and subtitle

Customize the header of your isEazy Go with a title and subtitle (optional).

Your logo

Add your logo to the header of the platform. It must be a png file with a transparent background and keep in mind that the color must contrast with the background color you have chosen.

Your background image

Select a decorative image to set as the background. It will be visible to your students both in the login area and in the course list headlines.

Your language

Currently, you may choose to set your platform’s interface to be visualized in English or Spanish.

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