Other actions you can do with your slides

Apart from the left panel, there is more you can do with your slides. Let us tell you all about it:

Dulpicating slides

To duplicate a slide, click on the icon at the bottom of the slide. This will then create a copy and navigate you to the new slide automatically. 

Duplicating slides is the fastest and most comfortable way to create new slides. This method also allows you to take advantage of the style and elements you have used previously.

If you want to duplicate a slide in another subsection from the same or from another project, click on the icon to the right of the lower part of the slide:

A panel will appear that allows you to select the destination. Once accepted, the slide will be added to the end of the list for the target subsection. 

If you require the slide to be in another position in the list you can access the subsection and drag it to the desired position using the left panel.


Keep in mind that slides will change identifier if you move them from one project to another. This implies that when you do an LMS integration, if during the training in course you want to make a substitution of the course because, for example, you want to correct a typo, if you have moved a slide to another project and you have brought it back, in the substitution it will appear as a slide new to all students and will appear as not viewed even if they already viewed it.

We do not recommend dividing, joining or eliminating course projects whose training is still open. We are not responsible for the problems caused by a replacement in an LMS when these operations have been carried out on the project.

Deleting slides

To delete the current slide, click on the trash can icon located at the bottom of the slide from within the editing area. For security we will ask you to confirm the deletion request.

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