How to upload a typeface

To be able to add typefaces to your BUSINESS account we need you to send an email to with the following data for each typeface you want to add

1. Email of the account administrator

2. Name of the typeface to appear in the font selector.

3. A .zip file with the name of the typeface with the four files in WOFF format with the 4 variants of the typeface with the following names: regular.woff, bold.woff, italic.woff, bold_italic.woff. We always need these files to exist, if there are no duplicates of a variant file with the name of the missing variant.


  • Download the typeface and unzip it 
  • Copy the .woff files of the font and rename them (If the font only has one style you will have to duplicate the file to rename it).
    • source-sans-pro-v13-latin-regular.woff > regular.woff
    • source-sans-pro-v13-latin-700.woff > bold.woff
    • source-sans-pro-v13-latin-italic.woff > italic.woff
    • source-sans-pro-v13-latin-700italic > bold_italic.woff
  • Create a .zip file with these files
  • Send an email to with the requested data
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