You can add a voice-over to each slide of your Classic course. This audio will be an introduction to your content as it will be played automatically when you enter the slide.

You can also add subtitles, which we strongly recommend, and even configure the self-running of your slides so that at the end of the speech you automatically navigate to the next slide.


To add voice-over in one of our slides, you will simply have to click on the following button in the slide properties menu:

This will take you to a menu where we can add an audio file, subtitles and configure the self-running of slides.

When you choose the audio file, you will see that a voice-over button is now enabled in the lower controls of the slide. This button will allow you to play and stop the voice-over while you're in the slide editor:


Once you have configured the voice-over in your slide, you can preview how it looks in your course:

As we explained before, the voice-over will automatically play when you enter the slide, showing the audio controls below the slide.

These audio controls will allow the student to see the progress of the voice-over, stop it and replay it.

Keep in mind that if your course is on sequential navigation mode, the student won't be able to stop the audio when it's automatically being played.

Voice-over considerations

In Express courses voice-over is not supported. You’ll see that it doesn’t appear in the slide editor for its configuration. This is due to the fact that the express course is designed to be streamlined content for fast consumption and without sequential browsing, and voice-over does not have a valid format for this type of content. 

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