Move elements

You can easily move and interchange the elements of your slide. By using the button found at the upper part of the slide you can activate the Move mode

Once activated, you can move elements from one cell to another. Do not worry if the cell have different sizes, the element will adapt to its new size. If your element has images make sure you establish an adequate framing point. When changing the element from the site the images will be trimmed respecting that frame as if by magic. You only have to worry for adjusting the text in the case it does not enter the new target cell. If you want to know more about the framing point of images you can consult the related article. 

To move the element to another slide, drag it directly over the slide and the element will be added in the first available space on the target slide. 

To exit the move mode, you can click again on the button or click on any free part of the edition area.

Also you can move form the list of Slide elements in the slide properties panel. Drag the elements to change its position inside the list or directly on the slide. 

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