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You can create the content of your course with the Edit content tab. In addition, you have access from each subsection to edit its slides. We will analyze in detail the edition of slides later.

You also have access to the configuration of the final test from the edition of content tab. To know more about this function consult the related article.

When creating a new project, by default we add a section and a subsection so you can rapidly start working.There is a difference between Courses and Express Courses in this view, which we explain below.


You can add as many sections and subsections as you like with the bottom buttons.

If at any time you need to restructure your course, there is no problem! You can drag all the elements to reorganize them as best fits your project.

Edit the number of a section or subsection is very easy, you only have to click on the text and becomes editable.

To access the edition of slides of any subsection you should click on the arrow that located at the right of the element.

Express Course

For express courses there will only be one section with a maximum of 20 slides, and it won’t be possible to add more.

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